Terms & Conditions


While you can embed any of the tours feratured on our website for free, ownership of the virtual tours will always remain with the creator as indicated on the 'This 360°' section under each tour.


Capturing our 360° virtual tours outdoors, means that we are constantly around people, vehicles and elements of the street scene that will later be presented through a tour.

While we're doing our best to conceal the identity of people and vehicle plate numbers that happen to be around us during the capturing, there's a slim chance that we might miss something in the post-production phase. If you've noticed something that you think has been overlooked and requires immediate rectification, please let us now and we will look into it as soon as possible.


We're using Addthis as a sharing tool which covers most (if not all) social networks. While we trust the provider's services, we cannot guarantee their continued functionality as this is beyond our control.


Our main objective is to provide high quality content through our virtual tours. As we are capturing a constantly evolving environment, we might revisit a location and re-apture it if we evaluate that our representation is outdated. This might affect the virtual tour embeded to third party websites, but we'll do our best to keep the same location in the update (wherever possible).